Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ultimately Eddie-Prologue

Author's Message-I'm starting a new challenge today so today's update will be a short one just explaining the back story of the main character which will give him a reason to do the challenge.

Many years ago there were some turmoil in the Landgraab family.  Eddie was still a child back than and he didn't know of any of this until today when his father Wolfie Landgraab told him.

Eddie's older brother Denny Goodfellow held a grudge against their father and the entire family.  Denny blamed his father for abandoning him when Wolfie signed his parental rights away.  At the time Wolfie thought he was doing the best for his son as Denny knew another man as his father.  Denny felt as if he were cheated out of the Landgraab family fortune and he attempted a hostile takeover of Landgraab Industries.  Eddie's sister Valerie, who also had her own issues with their Dad, sided with Denny and it looked as if the takeover would go through upon Wolfie's death.

Wolfie knew he had no choice but to stop Denny so made a mysterious deal that granted him and his wife Abigail immortality.  Of course Wolfie knew everything came with a price which he was willing to pay.  Wolfie was a rock star and wealthy in his own right but he also came from old money so a large donation was merely a drop in the bucket.  He made the agreement without a second thought.  Wolfie did think it best to keep all of this secret.

This whole situation ended up tragically.  Denny furious over Wolfie's immortality decided to take matters into his own hands.  He attempted to kill his father and twin sister but he lost his own life in the confrontation.  Wolfie retained his company and the shares that Denny acquired were returned to Wolfie by Denny's four children.

It wasn't until years later that Wolfie had to think about any of this when this mysterious organization called Wolfie as they needed a young male werewolf for a special project.  They asked if one of his son's would be interested in this project and one of the reward for his participation would be immortality.  This offer had come at a pivotal time in Wolfie's life as his daughter Valerie passed away while in prison and Sandi already had her elder birthday. Losing his children was the most agonizing loss he had ever felt even the loss of Denny had left some unresolved feelings.  If it meant that his wife would shed less tears he had to at least question his son's to see if they would want to participate in the project.   He wouldn't force or insist they participate but he wanted to give them the option.  Wolfie had two son's and he decided that Eddie was better suited for any kind of project they could give him.  Eddie was the strong, silent type like himself who didn't crack under any pressure.  Eddie was young and didn't have a family to look after and Eddie wanted to travel and see the world.  Wolfie's Granddaughter Starr was a photo journalist who took pictures all over the world and Eddie was always amazed by all of them ever since he was a child.  If anyone would be perfect to be a Seasoned Traveler it would be Eddie.

Wolfie asked Eddie on the same day that he left for university and Eddie jumped at the opportunity.  In fact he was looking forward to traveling the world and learning everything there was in life as that was the project was.  They wanted one sim who would be a master of everything there was in life and Eddie was ready, willing an able.  After this adventure, Eddie would indeed be the Ultimate Sim.

Author's Note:

Eddie's first Season Requirement's

Business Degree – Rebel Social Influence maxed (must remain through the challenge) Create 1 blog.

Year 1 – Daycare
Year 2 – Business
Year 3 – Bookstore (PT)
Primary Skills – Charisma / Social Networking/Alchemy/Collecting (use the Collection Journal if you earn the points)

Hire a maid, order pizza, have at least one roommate that remains through the entire season

Occult – Werewolf (must also pass along the curse to at least one sim) (must reach max level)

Family – produce at least 1 child through one of the various methods in the game. 

Author Message-Diary of a Drifter, I'm Every Women & Ultimately Eddie

I have done some organizing with my blog stories and I have moved two of my stories off this blog to their own.

Diary of a Drifter has moved to its own blog since I have some plans for that story later on after the 24 houses are completed.  An announcement on that will be made when all the details have been ironed out.  Diary of a Drifter can now be found at the following link.

I'm Every Woman has been moved to a blog that is specifically for my just for fun commentary stories dedicated to the Going Solo Challenge.  That Story can now be found at the following link.

I will also be introducing a new challenge on this blog today which is based on the Ultimate Sim challenge created by Llandros and will feature Eddie Landgraab.  Eddie is the son of my 3rd Generation heir Wolfie Landgraab.  The challenge will be titled Ultimately Eddie.  Look for the prologue to be posted today.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Immortal Gift-Chapter 3-Moving Day

Welcome back as the Immortal Gift is officially off of hiatus and I hope to be updating this at least once per week along with my other just for fun challenges. The family is moving into their new home which was built for them.  I would like to thank Romagi1 for this beautiful Art Deco house called Decadent Deco. She really did an awesome job on this house and I cannot thank her enough.

Today is snowflake day in Roaring Heights but it also happens to be moving day for the McIntyre Family.  With the addition of baby Ava to the family they needed more space and when this house became available Trevor and Carissa jumped at the chance to buy it.

Carissa gets Ava settled in her new nursery while......

Aiden finds his room and starts playing with his new toys.

Before I knew it Ava's birthday was here.  It shouldn't surprise me as I have the babies set for two days.

Now I invited the whole damn family but only Trevor, Carissa and Aiden showed up to sing Happy Birthday.

Here is our little Ava as a toddler and after her makeover.  She still has the Hamming mouth but she also has her mother in her.

Ryan who missed the birthday song decided to come and read a book at the table while everyone else is eating cake.

I don't know what happened to Caleb but here is Hope.  I think its time for me to give her some new clothes.  Now where are Spencer and Candace?

Why am I not surprised?  I should have looked in all the bedrooms first for them.

One of Trevor's skill challenges is the tutor children in skills and Aiden had a very red social bar so I decided to have him teach logic to Aiden.  I thought this would fill up Aiden's social bar but for some strange reason it doesn't move it at all.  Trevor's social bar was completely green after this but not Aiden's.

Aiden still needed some social badly so I let him show off his badges and chat a bit to his father.

I won't be starting the Wishacy portion of this challenge until the "A" Generation takes over the legacy house and Trevor and Carissa move onto their own little adventure but I'm starting to get used to it.  Aiden had a want to create a radical reparum potion so I sent him to discover a potion.

I guess Trevor's logic lessons paid off because Aiden did discover the potion.

Trevor is still working on his logic skills so he is searching the gallery.  As of now Trevor has discover 18 of the celestial bodies he needs for the skill challenge.  They ask you to name the stars and planets he discovers and I never know what it the world I should name them.  Whatever pops into my head first is what I usually put down.  Here is the list of the celestial bodies Trevor has discovered.

I have no clue as to way I would name a star Vanilla Milk Shake or Scooby Doo. I must have recently watched or thought about Ghostbusters to come up with the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man.  However Mickey Mouse makes sense, if Pluto can be a planet or whatever it is that NASA considers it now why can't Mickey Mouse have a planet named after him.  The next planet might just be named Goofy.

Carissa's skill is gardening but it just turned Spring and her plants are dormant so she gets to teach Ava to talk, to potty,

to walk and

and she read the 9 toddler books to her.  This library in Roaring Heights is just as bad as the one in Barnacle Bay.  No children's area at all so I must edit this one too.

Trevor in his work uniform.  Is this what they wear on the vice squad these days? What planet is he raiding today?  Donald Duck?

I wanted three babies born each generation and now that Ava has all her skills its time for a new one.  In this challenge I will be choosing from all children and possibly holding some heir polls.  The only rule I do have is no vampire heirs.

Usually I would let them autonomously risky woohoo until they become pregnant on their own, but in this case I'm going to force the issue.  I want a human heir for the Alphabetcy/Wishacy part of the challenge but I want Carissa to also be turned to a vampire before she is an adult.  Carissa has 10 days until her birthday so I hit try for baby.  I also want to get the wishacy part of this challenge to start and we can't do that until I have an heir.

And it worked!  She is pregnant with their third child.

Here she is reading a maternity book and already in her maternity clothes.  Pretty soon there will be another baby in this house.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Author's Message-New Stories and Blog decisions

I will be adding two more sim challenges which are not stories just commentary this weekend.  Right now I have 4 stories on this blog and two completed.  It seems like too much on one blog so I will be moving 2 or 3 to another blog before the end of the weekend.  I'm not sure if I should separate Sims 3 and Sims 4 or start the 2 new challenges on a new blog and move the Going Solo Iron woman with it as all three of those will be Going Solo related.  The latter seems like the easier choice.  Depending on what I do this weekend here I may or may not move The Drifter Challenge to its blog that will be decided later.

For Now I will just let you know what the new stories are:

One will be an Ultimate Sim Challenge which was created by Llandros  (Youtube  Channel Link) and will be featuring Eddie Landgraab the son of my third generation heir Wolfie Landgraab.  The title of this story still needs to be finalized but for now I leaning towards "Ultimate Eddie"

The other will be another version of the Going Solo Challenge (Sims 3 forum link) created by Vuneca.  The title of this one will by "Going Solo by the book" which will serve as a basic reminder to me that I must go strictly by the rules in this one.  In the Going Solo community we have been known to bend a few rules for story sake.  When telling a story sometimes the rules do need to be broken but in this challenge which will only be commentary and no story at all I will be following all rules.  The purpose of this second Going Solo challenge is to actually complete it as I really do want to complete this challenge.  Story telling the original one is very important to me but I'm so slow at it that completing the entire challenge seems unlikely although I will complete as many generations as possible.  Completing challenges are also very important to me so I have taken on this second one which will only be commentary.  My founder has not been decided on as of yet and this is a very hard choice.  I like to go with sims that I like but no one is standing out to be the perfect choice.  I might just be creating a new sim for this challenge.  A final decision will be made shortly.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Perfect Genie-Alogy-Chapter 2-Picture This or Not

Author's Note-My Perfect Genetics Challenge is now officially off of hiatus.  I have made a new page for this story as I had it listed under the bachelorette challenge which was completed a long time ago.  This challenge has its own page and will now be known as Perfect Genie-Alogy.  Please use this link to visit the home page for more information on this challenge.

The family has also moved into a new house that I downloaded off the exchange. I would like to provide a link to the house and give the creator full credit.

The house is called Coastal Luxury and it was creating by romagi1.

Some important pictures were lost due to town and computer changes.

Ok back to our family.  

I guess I don't have to tell you who has been autonomously risky woohooing.

It's a boy and this one has green skin too.  Catalina is our heir but we will find out if this little guy happens to be one too.

Chelsea playing with her little boy, you can almost see how much she adores him but right after this.....

I was ready to call the social worker on her.  Excitable sims should not have babies.

Chelsea just completed her ltw so now all we need is for Neal to complete his.

We are almost ready for generation 2 as Catalina is blowing out the candles on her birthday cake and Mom and Dad are there to cheer her on.

Teenage Catalina after her make over.  Well at least that is what she looks like here when we make the move to Barnacle Bay she gets another look due to missing custom content.

Looks like the 10% chance on Risky Woohoo worked.  However considering how much those two are at it autonomously this shouldn't surprise me.  We do have an heir but I still wonder if we will get a second perfect genetic heir.

This is actually the 1st picture in Barnacle Bay.  There were some pictures that were lost during the transfer so you will have to forgive me on this.  Catalina looks like she either likes her new house or the mascot that came to greet them.

We lost Jacob's birthday pictures but this is how he aged up.  Little Jacob does have the right skin and eye color and looks a lot like his father, but the hair color is wrong and he is warlock.

As the family moves in Chelsea gives birth to another baby boy.  This one was named Marlon and he has a yellow aura around his picture.  He was born a warlock so he wouldn't be a perfect genetic heir.

This house is going to be busy with a pod, toddler and two creepy dolls that look like they are ice skating around the cribs.

More lost pictures due to a computer change but after this we now have the situation under control.  Marlon aged up without a birthday cake.  As I was trying to get used to the new town and the new house time slipped away from me.

Marlon is the first mix of his parents.  Catalina and Jacob look just like their father but Marlon has some of his mother in him.  He does however have his father's skin tone and eyes but his mother's hair.

We can't have any more mishaps so we get right on with toddler training.  Jacob already know how the potty, walk and talk so he needs the books, xylophone and peg box.  Catalina is teaching Marlon how to talk.

Now why in the world would anyone teach a toddler to say Boxing Gloves?

After learning the peg box and xylophone, Chelsea takes Jacob to the library to read him the 9 toddler books.  The library in Barnacle Bay doesn't have a children's section.  I might just have to edit that lot.

Birthday time again!  This time its Jacob.  I missed the pictures of him blowing out the candles but I do have one after he spun around and aged up.

Oh Boy another boy in girls hair 😒  Not this again 😧  Oh well lets go fix him.

Here is Jacob after his make over.

Jacob's first wish was to go to the park so I sent him and he already made a friend.  Her name is Daisy (I forget her last name) and the two of them played tag for the rest of the day.

Now that I am all settled with everything including CC I gave Catalina a new makeover.

And Chelsea got one also.

These two still make a cute couple and now that they are all settled in, we should or I should have not miss another picture.