Monday, February 26, 2018

Perfect Genie-ology Chapter 1.4-Twin girls and a Birthday

Authors Note:I have noticed that I get into a time when I pay more attention to one of my just for fun games than the other.  I also have been not updating and forgetting as I go along.  I have a schedule for which days I play the games and Perfect Genetics is played on Saturday.  Each Sunday or Monday in this case I will be updating what happened in this game.  These should be smaller updates but this blog was just meant to keep a record of my just for fun games.

Many time Perfect Genetic Challenges seem to turn into a 100 baby challenge but normally that doesn't happen when the couple already has given birth to the Perfect Genetic Heir.  However Chelsea and Neal are determined to have as many kids as they feel they want.  On the way to the hospital again.

I know insane sims often spin into the wrong clothing but Neal over here is not an insane sim yet he spins into his bathing suit to take his pregnant wife to the hospital in the middle of the night in the dead of winter.  I'm surprised he is not frost bitten.

They had twins this time both girls.  I knew sooner or later these two were going to have twins.  The first baby born was a genie named Cynthia.

And the second who we can already see has the right skin tone was named Lila. However we already know she is not a perfect genetic heir as she was born a witch.  

Neal I don't think that is not the correct way to strap the baby in the stroller.

It was winter in game and the boys along with Catalina were rolling wants to build igloos, ice skate and snowmen.  If I would have planned it out better I would have had a picture of an army of snowmen outside of the house with the igloo forts behind them.  Maybe that is something for the next time around.  

Catalina was also rolling wants and autonomously skilling Martial Arts.   I have a feeling that she is going to have a ltw that deals with Martial Arts.

I have also purchased a potion table for them and as you can see they have been rolling wants for it especially Marlon who has seemed to have an unfortunate accident with the chemicals.

Time for Neal's Birthday.  I wonder if he is going to get a mid life crisis.

No mid life crisis.  I guess he is happy but with the size of that family I'm sure that is crystal clear.  The only thing is that hair.  I have seen some men age up in female hair but usually its the pig tails.  Oh well that is easily fixed.  Happy Birthday Neal.

Ultimately Eddie-Chapter 1.1-University Years/Day Care Career

At university Eddie is getting straight to business.  This secret organization he is working for has given him detailed instructions on his tasks. He doesn't know why they need him to do these things but he was asked not to question anything. Eventually he would learn the reason for all of this.  He needs to create a blog and max out rebel influence while working on a business degree.  He has been taking social group jobs and the one he has at the current moment is to scare someone with the megaphone at the coffee shop which we will do later.

Right now Eddie is just passing out some flyers to protest against unskilled sims.
Hopefully his protest will have a good turnout.

He also takes a few minutes to be better acquainted with the young lady. 

Many showed up for the protest.  I guess those flyers that Eddie distributed really did work.


VICTORY!   The protest was a success!

The challenge does state that Eddie does need to marry and have a kid.  He has taken a fancy to this young lady so I immediately take her into CAS to give her a make over.

Her name is Cheri Chigote.  Her traits are Coward, Excitable, Frugal, Good Sense of Humor and Irresistible.  Her ltw wish is Heartbreaker which she is never going to get because her DNA has given her a spot in this challenge.  She is a very pretty sim and Eddie likes her so she is the one.  We moved her in right away.

We had a lot more protest so the skilling would be faster.  There is also a protest to make grading a lot easier and another that we will be using back in Sunset Valley which makes earning raises and promotions easier.

All this protesting made us skill social networking and alchemy faster which are the two skills we needed.  We also sold our blog too which were other requirements for the challenge.

And Eddie graduated with a degree in business.

As soon as he arrived back home he asked Cheri to marry him and she accepted.  They were married right away in the middle of a snow storm.  She must be freezing her ass off.  Here are some more wedding pictures.

They moved into a house made by romagi1  with the details of what was needed for the challenge in Sunset Valley, Riverview and Twinbrook.  Here is a link to the download and the pictures

As you can tell she did a wonderful job on the house and I thank her so much for her wonderful work.  The house has two apartment for roommates with seperate entrances and the front of the house is a daycare center for Eddie's first career.  The back not only has a playground for the kids but a splash pool too.

Those windows by the massage table look so relaxing.  I would love to own a house like this in real life.

Eddie quickly got himself a job in the daycare career and here are some of the pictures from it.

Jamie Jolina dropping off her son.

VJ Alvi's son the kid Eddie is attacking with the claw.

This career does keep him busy so Eddie and Cheri will wait until this career is finished before having children of their own.

Ok I think its time to update on the Sunset Valley requirements along with our status:

1. Sunset Valley
Business Degree – Rebel Social Influence maxed (must remain through the challenge) Create 1 blog. 

 Year 1 – Daycare-Level 2 Cool Caregiver:

 Year 2 – Business

 Year 3 – Bookstore (PT)

Primary Skills – Charisma-Mastered

Charisma Skill Challenges (Not required to finish these until the last season due to a glitch that resets the skill challenges on this skill when moving towns)

Social Networking: Mastered

Blog baron skill challenge will be finished when all university degrees are completed the others must be completed in Sunset Valley.

Free Skill 



Collection Journal-Ongoing through out challenge
Hire a maid 
Order pizza 
Have at least one roommate that remains through the entire season

Kirk Diehl

Josiah Numbers

Occult – Werewolf Maxed Still needs to pass the curse onto two sims

Lets take care of that one right now.  Oh Roommates where are you?

ok check that off the list.

Family – produce at least 1 child through one of the various methods in the game. Child must remain in the family tree for the duration of the challenge. You cannot move them out and you must keep the tree contained. Child must be born in this town.

Child will be born after Daycare career is completed.

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Immortal Gift-A.3-Turning Carissa

We are ready for another birthday this time its Aiden's.  Tomorrow it will be Ava's birthday so we will have plenty of cake in the fridge.

We invited the whole family over again lets see who decides to show up for the cake this time around.

Both Grandma's are here celebrating.  That is a start.  I think they are having trouble entering the dining room.

Devon did make it in but with the walls down we can see Caleb is either having a hard time or is frustrated with that women for some reason.  I think tomorrow we are going to try in the living room for Ava's birthday and see if that works out any better.

Aiden as a teen and his traits are Clumsy, Perceptive, Couch Potato, Dramatic

The next morning Trevor gets Ava all ready for her big day.

Before he bakes the birthday cake.  He wants to do most of the work because....

Carissa is very far in her pregnancy.  They are both hoping that the baby will wait until after the party or at least the birthday cake to come.

Aiden was no help at all as he spent the morning giving a presentation to nobody.

The whole family was invited and I put the cake in the living room as I had planned to but......

Guess where we are going, the hospital.  I missed the picture of them walking out of the hospital with the infant but it was a girl and they named her Ashley.  Her traits were loner and good.  She was born a vampire so she is not eligible to be the heir.  After this Carissa is going to be turned into a vampire so if they have more children which could happen as I have autonomous risky set up, their children will be vampires and not eligible for heir.  Right now its a contest between Aiden and Ava for heir.

By the time they arrived back home and put Ashley to bed most of the family went home with the exception of Caleb and Cal who is playing the guitar.

As she blows out the candles Caleb moves over to the piano.

Ava turned out pretty but these are her traits: Hot Headed, Eccentric and Evil. It's so hard to believe that such a sweet little girl is hot headed and Evil.  It says a lot when eccentric is your best trait.

I didn't get a picture of Ashley from the hospital so here she is with Carissa. She was born a vampire with the loner and good traits.

Today is Sunday and its the first day of summer.   We don't have any more birthdays until tomorrow and there is no festival to attend.  I never understood why Sunday would be the day without the festival especially when the kids are off for school.  Had their been a festival today I would have called for a baby sitter for Ashley and sent them on a family outing.

Well Carissa and Ava decided to have some fun on their own so they decided to play a game of catch.

Later on I did have to send her over to the garden which is the first skill she is supposed to be concentrating on.  There is a community garden in this town and most likely I will send Carissa there after Ashley knows her toddler skills.

 Trevor's first skill is logic but he also wants to be best friends with Aiden so I sent them to play chess together.  I do have to say I love that immortal ltr for vampires.  Both Aiden and Trevor had nice looking tans after playing chess all day.

Third child is born and Carissa's birthday is even closer now.  Its time for Carissa to become a vampire.  Why he went for the wrist instead of the neck I don't know and they were in romantic moods at the time.

The rain has been crazy during this summer.  Carissa has a garden skill to master along with all the skill challenges and its always raining.  I had no choice I sent her out anyway to garden and the poor girl gets hit by lightening.  Carissa is not having a good week she is slowly turning into a vampire and now this.

Pods are only Pods for 2 days in my game so guess what its time for another birthday.  Ok Ashley lets see you age up now.

Ok lets see who showed up.  Aiden, Ava, Trevor and that lady who comes to all the parties and I don't remember her name.  The whole family was invited as usual but I can't find them.  I am hearing the woohoo music.  I haven't seen Caleb or Hope even arrive.  Spencer is on the piano so its not him and Candace.  I found out later on it was Cal and Erin.

Ok back to the birthday.

Ashley as a toddler.  Well I won't be Trying for Baby on Trevor and Carissa but that doesn't mean they won't have anymore.  We just will have to see.

It's time for the prom.  I was hoping that Aiden would get a romantic interest at the prom but alas the prom king doesn't have a queen at the moment.  I'm sure some girl will eventually find him but I was hoping to see a prospective spouse. Depending on how the romantic interest looks might be a factor in choosing an heir.

Oh boy it seems like there are two sims who are happy I installed woohooer.  Baby #5 is on the way....

along with baby 6.   At this rate I'm going to start to run out of names beginning with A.

The twins are both girls and they have been named Allison and Alessandra.

The one thing I love about this save file is that there are always family members to invite to birthdays and they always come to celebrate all the time.  This isn't a story file but its just a nice reminder to see all of them around.

Happy Birthday Ashley!

You might be wondering why everyone was just watching and not blowing horns and celebrating.

It was because Erin and Cal were rocking this party.

Its party time again literally the next day after Ashley's birthday it was time for the twins to age up.

Allison went first.

Yes the entire family is over and this is how Carissa dresses.  Considering at this very moment the woohoo jingle is playing and her parents are in her bed doing it this should be no surprise.

And this is Alessandra

Family updates around the town:

That is Ryan's wife or shall I say ex wife.  I checked the family tree Ryan is no longer married to her.

Maybe this is the reason Ryan and Virginia divorced?

It looks like Carissa is getting a baby brother or sister pretty soon.