Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ultimately Eddie-Prologue

Author's Message-I'm starting a new challenge today so today's update will be a short one just explaining the back story of the main character which will give him a reason to do the challenge.

Many years ago there were some turmoil in the Landgraab family.  Eddie was still a child back than and he didn't know of any of this until today when his father Wolfie Landgraab told him.

Eddie's older brother Denny Goodfellow held a grudge against their father and the entire family.  Denny blamed his father for abandoning him when Wolfie signed his parental rights away.  At the time Wolfie thought he was doing the best for his son as Denny knew another man as his father.  Denny felt as if he were cheated out of the Landgraab family fortune and he attempted a hostile takeover of Landgraab Industries.  Eddie's sister Valerie, who also had her own issues with their Dad, sided with Denny and it looked as if the takeover would go through upon Wolfie's death.

Wolfie knew he had no choice but to stop Denny so made a mysterious deal that granted him and his wife Abigail immortality.  Of course Wolfie knew everything came with a price which he was willing to pay.  Wolfie was a rock star and wealthy in his own right but he also came from old money so a large donation was merely a drop in the bucket.  He made the agreement without a second thought.  Wolfie did think it best to keep all of this secret.

This whole situation ended up tragically.  Denny furious over Wolfie's immortality decided to take matters into his own hands.  He attempted to kill his father and twin sister but he lost his own life in the confrontation.  Wolfie retained his company and the shares that Denny acquired were returned to Wolfie by Denny's four children.

It wasn't until years later that Wolfie had to think about any of this when this mysterious organization called Wolfie as they needed a young male werewolf for a special project.  They asked if one of his son's would be interested in this project and one of the reward for his participation would be immortality.  This offer had come at a pivotal time in Wolfie's life as his daughter Valerie passed away while in prison and Sandi already had her elder birthday. Losing his children was the most agonizing loss he had ever felt even the loss of Denny had left some unresolved feelings.  If it meant that his wife would shed less tears he had to at least question his son's to see if they would want to participate in the project.   He wouldn't force or insist they participate but he wanted to give them the option.  Wolfie had two son's and he decided that Eddie was better suited for any kind of project they could give him.  Eddie was the strong, silent type like himself who didn't crack under any pressure.  Eddie was young and didn't have a family to look after and Eddie wanted to travel and see the world.  Wolfie's Granddaughter Starr was a photo journalist who took pictures all over the world and Eddie was always amazed by all of them ever since he was a child.  If anyone would be perfect to be a Seasoned Traveler it would be Eddie.

Wolfie asked Eddie on the same day that he left for university and Eddie jumped at the opportunity.  In fact he was looking forward to traveling the world and learning everything there was in life as that was the project was.  They wanted one sim who would be a master of everything there was in life and Eddie was ready, willing an able.  After this adventure, Eddie would indeed be the Ultimate Sim.

Author's Note:

Eddie's first Season Requirement's

Business Degree – Rebel Social Influence maxed (must remain through the challenge) Create 1 blog.

Year 1 – Daycare
Year 2 – Business
Year 3 – Bookstore (PT)
Primary Skills – Charisma / Social Networking/Alchemy/Collecting (use the Collection Journal if you earn the points)

Hire a maid, order pizza, have at least one roommate that remains through the entire season

Occult – Werewolf (must also pass along the curse to at least one sim) (must reach max level)

Family – produce at least 1 child through one of the various methods in the game. 


  1. Well best of luck to Eddie. He looks a lot like his father. Can't wait to see how he does and is Eddie the last child of Wolfie's? The others have died at this point or are close since Sandy is an elder. :(

    1. Actually Ebony is younger than Eddie but they wanted a son and Ebony is married with a family to take care of. Valerie has already passed away in jail and Sandi is an elder. Eddie and Ebony will be the last children of Wolfie's mentioned in Race, but Wolfie and Abby are still producing kids. He has a son in Isla Paradiso named Wilbur.